Some people say that the fairies do not exist, and everyone believes this in the old years. But now, thanks to Disney Company’s work, it makes the tales about fairies all come true.
Tinker Bell, a tiny fairy who was born of a human baby’s first laugh, is an incredible tinker fairy with wrapped golden hair and an oak-leaf-made-green dress. Playing with friends is Tink’s greatest joy, and sometimes she collects humans’ lost things which are washed onto the coast. She is smart, but her temper is not quite nice.
Here goes her experience.

At first, as a tinker, she doesn’t like her talent much. Because of this, once she almost destroys the spring that fairies prepared for the mainland. But she soon realizes the importance of each talent group, and then Tink regenerates this beautiful season with her talent.

The next time, Preparing for the great autumn revelry’s scepter, Tinker Bell breaks the Moon Stone by accident. It makes her break with Terence, her best friend. On the journey to save everything, Tink finds her fault and discover the power of a real friendship. She makes her peace with Terence, and the finally create the scepter in time.

In anunforgettable summer, Tink meets a human girl Lizzy. They become good friends. But this girl’s father, who is a doctor of the British Museum, does not believe in fairies. He captures Vidia, a fast-flying fairy, and is going to show it in a meeting. Thanks to Tink and Lizzy’s effect, this father finds his lost joy and fixes the broken relationship with Lizzy.

Result in her curiosity, Tinker Bell enters the mysterious Winter Woods. To her surprise, she finds a fairy named Periwinkle, they are born of the same laugh, and they are sisters. They share their worlds, they play together, and they treat each other like themselves. And when the Pixie Hollow is in danger, they save the Pixie Dust Tree, and discover the secret of the wings.

So why don’t you watch these Disney’s movies with me and discover the magical fairy kingdom? I’m sure you’ll love this fairy from the bottom of your